Yes, the shadow was cast by Yoshi! Everyone knew it, but it’s still so nice to finally see the little guy back in the story. After twenty years we can’t help but feel like Toad and Yoshi deserved these special re-introductions. The fans demanded it, so we gave it.

We hope that you all enjoy Eryk’s take on Yoshi. We went for a very realistic and screen-accurate design, yet within Eryk’s personal style. We’re proud to say that the only change made was the addition of his head/neck ridges, which we feel are appropriate considering Yoshi has aged. It makes sense that he would mature in different ways.

Finally, congratulations to both Cyberguy64 and Ultimate Hammer Bro for predicting a reference to the popular “Mama Luigi” episode of the animated Super Mario World television show. This reference also serves as a mythology gag to the original fantasy script of the film, in which Mario and Luigi encounter a mysterious egg that hatches into a baby dinosaur that bonds with Luigi. Writers Jim Jennewein and Tom S. Parker have assured us that they developed this plot point completely independently of the television show. Interesting bit of trivia, eh?