After the death of their parents in a car crash, Mario raised Luigi like a mother– er, a father. He’s the more level-headed of the two, seeing things practically and always in terms of plumbing.

The adventure in the first film brought him closer to his brother and gave him a strong sense of family that he fully intends to hold onto.



The dreamer of the two brothers, Luigi has always believed in the improbably and the unlikely. There has never been an “impossible” for him. When he and Mario fell into the parallel world in the film he was the first to take it all in and adapt, feeling like a true hero.

Leaving Daisy behind was the most heart-wrenching decision he ever made. Now that she’s back he won’t lose her again.




Abandoned on a church doorstep as an infant, Daisy never knew her parents or where she came from. Imagine her surprise when she discovered that she was not only the rightful ruler of a parallel world, but one inhabited by dinosaurs!

Daisy has since met her father, King Reznor, and worked towards saving her newfound world.



Following King Reznor’s restoration Daisy realized that others could be returned to normal as well, including Toad. From then on the singer/revolutionary owed Daisy his eternal gratitude and vowed to serve her and the restored King in their mission to save the parallel world. He is now the princess’ bodyguard and closest adviser, as well as a master of resources.

That being said, the re-evolution process may have resulted in a few unforeseen quirks…