Q: When did this idea come about?

A: Scripters Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss began conceptualizing the sequel comic shortly after their interview with original writer Parker Bennett, back in 2010.

Q: Is it canon?

A: Yes! Steven and Ryan worked with original writer Parker Bennett on outlining the project. Parker discussed in detail the backstory for the parallel world as well as possible ideas for the unproduced sequel, resulting in a groundwork for our team to script a new story. This adventure is as close to what would have made it on film.

Q: What is the story?

A: The story follows the logical continuation of the film, exploring the themes and events left hanging. Characters and concepts from certain games are incorporated into the story, but in the same creative way fans have come to expect of the property.

Q: Does the comic take story/idea submissions?

A: We do not. This comic is a canon continuation of the film based on discussions with original writer Parker Bennett. We do not want to make it into fan fiction, even if it is a fan-produced project.

Q: When are new pages released?

A: We release at least one page per week.

Q: How long will the comic be?

A: The comic will comprise of ten chapters of about ten pages each, although the first and last chapters will be longer at roughly 20 pages. However, the script is constantly undergoing revisions and as such may ultimately be briefer or longer.

Q: Will there be a print edition?

A: Considering the rights situation we may not be able to provide a print edition, although we have certainly seen the interest and would like to explore the possibility if we can.