Chapter 4, Page 8
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  1. Heheh, “Police Chief Bertha,” eh? I’d love to know who else got promoted…

    This Hark Breland, guy, though… should he seem familiar?

    • Jesus J. Feria

      At least his name. Hark was a goomba in one of the early drafts that played Goomba/Toad
      original part from the movie

  2. Mystery Guy

    This is awesome!

  3. Ultimate Hammer Bro

    Great! I love having you guys back 😉

  4. Korak

    “-And here they are they are now!” woops haha

  5. Ronney

    I assume iggy and spike going to show up at some point right?

    • Dick Gozinia

      aren’t they working with Shigeru Miyamoto on, “Super Koopa Cousins”?

  6. Cory Glazer

    I love this comic so much! I am a huge fan of the movie, which with most people, is a rarity, and I think ithis would have been an kick ass sequal

  7. Dick Gozinia

    Holy crap, you guys remembered you can breathe?

  8. trlkly

    What happened for a while? The site was down. I’m so glad it’s back in time for the Nostalia Critic’s real thoughts, so I can recommend this comic again!

  9. Aldo Dedionigi

    *as the Mario Brothers start to leave the press conference, they notice a man in the shadows*

    ???: So, Dinohattan survived after all…I should have known, the Annhilation Wave restoring the flow of the multiverse to its previous state…

    Mario Mario: What are you talking about?

    ???: I come from a planet called Meridian. Specifically, from a kingdom in Meridian called Hyrule. It is not like Dinohattan. Where I come from, we favor magic and mysticism over science and technology. All magical beings in this universe come from Meridian. I am a special breed of Meridiniate called Hylian. The princess of Hyrule has decided that, if Dinohattan cannot be destroyed, then it must be contained…and that’s why I’m here. I’m here to aid you in your quest, Mario Brothers. I shall go to the Subspace with you and Daisy and Mouser, and I shall aid you in defeating Wart.

    Luigi Mario: Who are you, anyway?

    ???: I have many names…the Hero of Time, the Hero of Wind, the Eternal One, the Wind Waker…

    *the figure steps out of the shadows, revealing…*

    Link:…but you can call me Link.


  10. Robert Eddleman

    Just read through the whole run so far. It’s been highly enjoyable, and I look forward to each time it gets updated.

  11. Jose Guzman

    Finish this awesome story okay

  12. BOB

    why is it taking so long for the next page? I loved the movie and the comic is great so far, so im really looking forward for the next page, or are you working on more then on page at the same time?

  13. BOB


  14. BOB


  15. Humorous Phlegm


  16. I’m assuming money and/or artist problems are a foot, so I’m not going to sit here and whine about the lack of updates for months, but, boy, I would LOVE to see this continued, as well as being able to purchase a physical version if it’s finished.

  17. Jonathan Cook

    i love it i would buy will keep an eye on this

  18. Jessica Nicole

    Love the story line, the drawings are amazing but I do miss Luigi sleeveless with facial hair. He looks like he grew up, which isn’t a bad thing because I like this version too, I just miss the younger look. Will we ever see wario or waluigi?

  19. Nathaniel Millheim

    really enjoy this story line. Hope that we get to see more soon!

  20. J Smith

    well this comic is dead

  21. Spirit Plumber

    Hope this continues!

  22. William Gooch

    What happened to this comic?

  23. Zack Halladay

    Wow. This comic died fucking quick.

  24. Dreamcasting



    I’ll Patreon this if it means you keep going!

  25. Mike King

    please revive. patreon will get my dollars to you if you need. and i will promote on my podcast
    , playing with power. on iTunes and Facebook. we discuss Nintendo power magazine. and various game goodness

  26. Richard Harold Weatherfield

    Darn it. I was just getting into things and now it’s done?

  27. Jeff Rittenour

    so no ending?

  28. Elizabeth Thompson


    …Oh no…

    …This is a terrible thing. It’s like I lost 40 cakes.

  29. PrincessDaisyRocks

    Could you add Tatanga? He could maybe be a suitor who tries to sweep Daisy off her feet to gain her title, but she is disgusted by him and Luigi hates him. He could also maybe team up with Wart.

  30. Nate York

    Just discovered this comic and read through it in a night. For years I pined for the sequel that would never be. Now I found this and my heart was so uplifted, until I inevitably came to the stalling point. I wish I could see this journey through to the end. I don’t care what anyone says, I loved the movie, and the comic was engaging too, what little of it there was.

    In any case, thank you for writing this. I’m happy to see these characters once again.

  31. MetalRose✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    I find it sad that this comic also had to end in a cliff hanger.

  32. Buggzy Bomberx

    Loved the movie and dis comix, lets just say this mario bros. are in a diffrent universe than the one we all know and love so leave it at that. Multi-Verse Theory

  33. VoodooRaisins

    I know it’s been two years now, but I really hope this continues. The first one was a guilty pleasure for me, and this is a very well crafted comic! Hope it gets continued one day

  34. Denardo Ellis Jr.

    This comic is a stepping stone for the upcoming animated movie, this deserves a kickstarter campaign

  35. Semi_Colon

    Despite everything, I have always liked the Super Mario Bros movie. The cliffhanger always bugged me, and I’m happy that this, at least, gave me a glimpse into what the sequel might have been.

    I really hope this continues. The unique interpretations of Mario Bros lore, flora, and fauna are awesome to see and learn.

  36. Kevbot034

    It doesn’t have the encounter with Wart? That’s disheartening, I’d really love to see the rest of it!

  37. Dylan

    I would suggest you guys check the contact page and see if the people making it are still planning on reviving this.

  38. I would totally be willing to illustrate more of this if I can get the script. It’s not my usual style of drawing but I love the movie and this comic. Don’t even need to get paid (course that would speed up my progress.) I got a website for my work so if anyone on your end is interested let me know.

  39. looks like i’m forced into waiting until the comic is complete.

  40. Please keep going! As a fan of the original film, I would also donate to a Patreon to see the end of this story…

  41. Jason Aaron Williams

    What happe pleae do not end this with this. I want to know what happens next its been what 2 years and you not posted an update come on plese complete this

  42. Drew O'Connor

    Please keep going 😀

  43. Kenz

    Come on! This is becoming a legitimately interesting story with none of the problems of the original movie. I want to see what happens! Also, please let us see the return of Bowser Koopa (Koopa), the koopalings (Bowser’s “cousins”–Iggy and Spike (Lemmy?) ), and an introduction to Kameck–the koopa wizard who can turn everything upside down with the wave of a wand!

    • Solairous

      Someone needs to mail the maker to continue more of this, i dont understand why this just stopped.

  44. ShwintyKat

    Please continue this!

  45. wtf


  46. Duck Face

    Is this the end?

  47. William Gooch

    Will you at least tell us what happened to the project?

  48. Some guy

    Aw man, I found out about this only today.

  49. Mitsukara

    Nice work, I hope it continues someday.

  50. A Mario Fan

    Please keep it going! I’ve been wanting a sequel to this film since I was 8!!!!!!!

  51. Benjamin Mills

    Man, just when it was getting good….

  52. Sebine

    Y U DIED D:

  53. I hope you guys in the comment section know that the sequel comic will be finished sometime in 2019 according to their Twitter page

  54. Smell


  55. g_money5

    Please continue, I love this

  56. HyperTomoose

    Just stumbled across this and marathon read the whole thing.
    I really hope this comic continues, it’s quite a delight.

  57. NukeA6

    Looks like the Super Mario Bros. movie hit another cliffhanger. I can only hope that changes some day and we get a real ending.

  58. Tim Timothy

    Please continue

  59. Jay Jankles

    I found this a month ago through AGVN reviewing the Super Mario Bros movie. This has been an amazing read, please continue it!

  60. theNintendoFanatic

    This is SO Good

  61. jessica savoie

    I started following this since 2013 & I’ve been waiting for it to continue. It’s so good.

  62. Aron o

    Why isnt this continuing

  63. Matthack

    I’ll meet you at the playground after school if you don’t continue this comic, it’s so bad that it’s good

  64. Rex

    Would you consider posting the script of the web comic on Archive of Our Own as fan fiction, if the comic art production is holding up the story for now? I would love to read the rest of this story (and, of course, see the finished comic in the future, as well!).

  65. link

    When you discover this incredible project in 2020, but the comic has been in limbo since 2015 :-/
    The PHP header errors aren’t a good sign either. Is the website abandoned?

    Still a very cool thing, even if it wasn’t finished

  66. Lecel

    I need more of this!!! Is Amazing!!!

  67. Solairous

    Is this not continuing? please, bring it back.

    • Jack Smith

      The people behind the comic have confirmed that they’re rebooting/continuing it with a new comic series. New art, but same plot (and hopefully, the full story this time.) The new comic is supposed to launch in May.

      • Solairous

        Oh damn, really? so they’re releasing this coming may for sure?

  68. NDoinre
  69. Solarious

    So what happened to the comic returning? it’s been a year now.

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